Corporate Social Responsibility


Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is increasingly becoming the focus of business activity.

Due to increasing expectations from society, and consumers who are better networked, attention is increasingly on CSR-specific topics. These include environmental management, working conditions, work safety, compliance, and human rights. The systematic review and assurance of compliance with legal and industry-specific requirements is a topic that is critical for success.

Creating awareness for responsibility

We support you in understanding the concept of CSR and interpreting it for your company. Trained project managers and CSR assessors with many years of experience perform demand analysis, accompany you on-site during implementation, and support you in the implementation of a CSR management system. Of course, we also offer partial solutions in individual disciplines, such as the performance of CSR assessments both within your company and at your suppliers.

Our Services:

  • Training with regard to problem awareness and demand for necessary controls
  • Assessment of the performance and degree of maturity of the processes within the company with regard to corporate social responsibility
  • Indication of potential for improvement
  • Implementation of CSR in your management processes
  • Implementation of corporate social responsibility in the supply chain
  • Performance of CSR assessments at suppliers