Open Source Software Management


The use of open source software brings decisive competitive advantages such as shorter development times and lower acquisition costs, independence from one single manufacturer, and generally high support security. However, the use of open source software is also associated with risks if license obligations are not observed when the software is passed on in a product. Risks are temporary injunctions, product recalls, or the disclosure of own, proprietary software, as well as claims for damages as a consequence of copyright disputes.

Defined processes for diverse obligations

Our procedure for introducing a professional open source software management covers the analysis and evaluation of existing processes in the company to verify the diverse license obligations for the various license models. We also offer you support in the form of training, demand analyses, as well as adapted process solutions and attestation of their effectiveness.

Our Services:

  • Evaluation of the performance and degree of maturity of the existing processes in the company with regard to the handling of open source software
  • Training with regard to problem awareness and demand for necessary controls
  • Introduction of product-based measures and customized processes for the management of open source software (approval and release with the help of a white list, black list, software architecture, necessary documentation, and quality assurance), and integration in your development landscape
  • Implementation of open source management in the supply chain and with suppliers
  • Consultation on the possibility for tool support for scanning software on open source parts and generation of the required documentation for product sale and distribution