To stay ahead of the field in the Powersports segment and make your vehicles even more attractive to customers, you need mature and sophisticated systems.
In addition to looking at these systems individually, it is vitally important to consider the interaction of the individual sub-systems to make your product even more unique. The systems not only control the engine and the drive train, but also increase safety by supporting the driver in critical driving situations.
Driving comfort is also becoming increasingly important for powersports vehicles.
Our development services support you both on the road and off-road, on snow and in the water, whether it be a sub-system or the entire system.
Benefit from our many years of experience as an innovative systems developer and use the advantage of being able to acquire all sub-systems from one source.



In the area of drive train systems, Bosch Engineering develops powerful and efficient solutions for your individual application.


Safety is becoming increasingly important in leisure vehicles.