Many developments in the automotive industry today can also be transferred to and used by applications in industry. For example, the fuel mixture generation and combustion for industrial or combined heat and power (CHP) plant motors can be optimized to achieve a measurable increase in the degree of effectiveness. For this purpose, components from the automotive industry that have been tried and proven over many years are integrated in a highly-technical overall system. This removes the last obstacle to the use of CHP plants in every performance category. All of which means that you can rely on our drive train systems experience for the entire process: from the first feasibility study, through system and software development, up to parameterization and validation of the application data in the engine control unit. We can also advise and support you in market-specific certification of your motor or entire system.


Optimizing Performance

Optimizing the performance of industrial motors enables an increase in the degree of effectiveness with simultaneous optimization of fuel consumption.

Reducing Emissions

Legal exhaust gas limits place the highest possible demands on the lambda control.

Diagnostics and Monitoring

Constant monitoring of all motor sensors and control unit outputs is the prerequisite for stable and reliable motor operation.