Our drive train systems experts develop powerful and efficient solutions tailored to your specific requirements, giving you the benefit of our many years of experience as an innovative systems developer within the industry. We have extensive expertise in drive train systems for conventional internal-combustion engines (gasoline, diesel, natural gas) as well as electric and hybrid drive train concepts. All of which means that you can rely on our drive train systems expertise for the entire process: from the first feasibility study, through system and software development, up to parameterization and validation of the application data in the engine control unit. We can also advise and support you in market-specific certification of your products.


Fuel Efficiency

As a result of the increasing fuel prices and the legal requirements for reduction of CO2 emissions, development and end customers are focusing more than ever on fuel consumption.

Reducing Emissions

Due to the increasingly strict legal regulations, complying with the exhaust gas limits is becoming one of the greatest challenges in engine development.

Optimizing Performance

For many end customers, the engine performance and the resulting speed are important criteria when purchasing a boat.


Often, it is additionally installed special functions that provide the decisive competitive advantage.

Diagnostics and Monitoring

Modern drive train concepts and vehicle functions for individualization and compliance with mandatory emissions limits are constantly increasing the complexity of engine control systems.


Combustion engines are the driving force in marine travel.