Rail Transport


To make rail transport fit the requirements that today's passengers have of modern mass transport systems requires the perfect interaction of a number of sub-systems.
Bosch Engineering offers extensive, customer-specific systems and components for speed and environment scanning, train driver assistance systems, engine management, exhaust-gas treatment, and control unit solutions. To do so, we access the development know-how and proven large-scale technology of Bosch and use them to develop solutions for rail vehicles.
Our systems and components increase safety and enable reduced operating costs with higher performance and lower emissions.



We have extensive expertise in drive train systems for conventional diesel engines, natural gas engines, as well as in electric and hybrid drive train concepts.

Comfort and Train Driver Support

Building on components from Robert Bosch GmbH, we offer individual solutions for displaying vehicle and driver assistance functions.


Safety is an important aspect in rail vehicles and on stationary equipment, for example, at rail works.

Control Technology

A rail system requires a number of control functions, for example, for the train master computer, engine, and air-conditioning system.