Train Driver Assistance


Even the slightest inattention in rail traffic can quickly cause high costs or, in the worst case, injury to persons.
The use of sensors such as radar or video systems, which capture the area surrounding a rail vehicle, supports the engine driver and also ensures greater safety. The radar sensor technology can be used in various ways: for example, radar sensors can be used to detect and report obstacles in front of the engine and thus prevent collisions. The radar sensor technology is robust, easy to integrate, and not affected by the weather. Thus it also supports the engine driver in difficult visibility conditions such as fog, rain, snow, and darkness. The sensors also enable a precise distance measurement. This supports the coupling operation and guarantees a more efficient working method that protects materials. Using radar sensors, the vehicle speed can also be calculated as the difference in speeds between fixed objects. This enables roll detection, which supplies highly accurate results even at the lowest speeds.